Landing in Auckland


NEW ZEALAND! Destination reached after 9hrs of trains, 22hrs of flying and 17hrs of layovers and no sleep. David and me spent the first two nights as “Flash Backpackers” staying at a hotel in center town, which is about 40min away from the airport and $70 cab fair.  We are now staying at a YHA hostel, which fits the need for a quite private place till we hit the road.

Jet lag has been kind to us, as I also found when I arrived in Australia it is much easier adapting to a greater time difference (13hrs ahead of Ottawa). Being wide-awake at 6:30am is not such a bad thing when you are eager to fill the days with exploration and check things off the “to do” list



First day we organized our lives a little acquiring a SIM card, bank account (which will take 4-5 business days), locating FREE WIFI, and finding a place to stay for the following week. Day 3 we moved to our Hostel, completely wussing out and hiring a cab opposed to walking it to save money. Those who saw my gear last time a “backpacked” know I may have issues narrowing down items, in my defence my camera bag which I strap on my front weighs close to the same as my backpack.




On of the many chain coffee shops… this one was one of our favourites



We spent the day contacting people advertising Campervans and sleeper cars for sale, bouncing between free wifi Cafes and walking the street of downtown. SO MUCH WALKING, both of our legs are worn out at the end of each day, definitely no worries finding sleep at night. Auckland’s roads are not flat FYI, especially the last block to reach our hostel, which is similar to San Francisco extreme steep.









By the end of our third day and first day looking for a car we had received a few replies and set up two appointments to view cars. The first and only one needed was with an lovely Swedish couple about our age selling their beloved 4WD Pajero, him being a mechanic and their trustworthy characters really left no doubt for us that this was our car. We love her! And paid less than similar ones we saw online. They helped us transfer the registration, which is overly easy here, all we need now is some insurance (which is not mandatory in NZ) and to wait for our bank account to open and we are ready

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