Julatten Jungle QLD

Entrance to the cabin.

About 30min inland from Port Douglas in the Northern part of the Atherton Tablelands I find myself tucked away in Julatten.

Spending time at what feels like my families cottage if it where to be buried in dense jungle. Charlie’s land is always a work in progress, ever changing with sweat and dirt but always offering the comforts of home.

Scattered tangerine, grapefruit and lychee trees, massive bamboo, pine and palms are the lush surroundings. Nothing can be heard but the sounds of birds, dogs barking and Charlie hollering with his comical charm.

Trees growing out of all kinds.

Grape Fruits!

Life growing on life

I had my first terrifying spider encounter on a lovely winters day. A now comical story of an absolutely terrify moment.

Aside from the spiders, deadly hidden snakes and my allergies to cuddly dogs this secluded paradise very much suits me, full of antiques, old wood and rusted mental in a perfect vibrant natural setting taken in lounging on the veranda.


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