FNQ exploration

Another beautiful day in Cairns Queensland! What to do on a day off work??

Palm Cove

I had been feeling a bit down in the previous couple days, down days never last long around here Doofy (A.K.A Vernyyy) my fellow staffer at Calypso picked me up along with Ed our favorite piece of furniture around here and the lovely Yvonne. We rented a car grabbed our swimmers and hit the sun kissed road.

Our destination was Stony Creek, an easy  20min drive outside of town suggested to us as a secluded magical place.  After a couple dead end roads, U-turns and pit stop direction inquiry along winding rain forest roads we settled on a road side gravel parking spot next to a creek whether or not we had found Stony Creek was in question, regardless we had found a secluded nook all to ourselves in the middle of the forest.

Stepping quickly through branches and bush to avoid any foreign biting ants or spiders from latching on we stood on a pebbled river bank very reminiscent of my Canadian landscape. The shallow water with strong current tossing us around in fits of laughter and hilarity the exploration continued.

Our “Stony Creek”

Ginger Ed a fellow photographer mate and I decided to venture in land following a flowing stream of water that we were convinced would lead us to a waterfall.  Keeping a watchful eye for crocodile, poisonous spiders and snakes we discovered our own private series of cascades… and SWARMS of mozzies.


We departed our “Stony Creek” with more day ahead of us to fill with adventure, it was decided to head back to the Ocean! We landed on Palm Cove beach a well know destination on Captain Cook Highway. The drive along Captain Cook is one of my favorite routes, breathtaking scenery as you follow a winding road that wraps around mountain cliffs and oceanfront.

We settle in the sand at Palm Cove, no swimming at this beach as most in the area it is stinger season and the crocs are always about. Honestly I was a tad on edge exploring away from the main beach area, it just looked like the type of place a crocodile would linger. No croc sightings just predator seagulls stalking us.

Croc River

Palm Cove



They are watching you ED

Ending our day driving back under the warm setting sun to our tropical home in Cairns. Thank you guys for this day, it was exactly what I needed and gave us memories to hold for the rest of our lives.


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