Photos I see everyday in life.

Everyday of my life I see moments, snapshots, all around me. Yes I realize being a photographer I should always be carrying my camera, but the truth is I just don’t.

This couple walking towards me on the side walk tucked themselves out of sight.. this is where it lead me.

This post is just a glimpse of the little visual joys I find around me.

.. feets.

I knew the sunset was at 18:50 tonight and had to be back at the hostel for 19:30-45 to photograph dinner service (I am trading photography services for accommodation for a couple weeks here in Byron as the hostel is in the process of redesigning their website), that left me plenty of time to walk down to the beach and breath in the ocean.  There is something very special about living just one short block away from one of the most beautiful sights in Australia.

I see these amazing intricate sand designs every couple days, like crop circles no footprints, very precise repetitive patterns run the length of the beach. One of these days I’ll catch these impressive guerilla sand displacers.

A little further down there is what seems to be the daily local musicians communal sunset stage… always a beautiful compliment to the crashing waves.



Still chasing a perfect colour explosion sunset, no matter they are always graceful performances.

Time to race back to the hostel to grab a few shots, tonight’s free meal “spaghetti & CHEESE” a treat, I think? Followed by a limbo competition.

Byron has left me feeling a want to be independent from the hostel crutch & lifestyle, so once I grab my shots I decide to take a walk through town. I needed restock my “noodle” supply and offered to grab the hostel night security guard a coffee on my way back.

It’s a short walk, as most places are in Byron, to the main grocery store. On my way I pass small shops now closed for the day, restaurants with romantic lighting and organic décor, one place I really like always has a amazing musicians playing on the side walk next door, tonight making one lonely guitar man pack up and move on. Byron has a beautiful family feel to it that I found other high backpacker traffic locations lack, I love seeing grandparent, old friends, and young families outside living till the last light of day fades. The kind of people that rarely wear shoes, wear clothes for comfort and surf, who’s hair is styled my salt & wind, a town where mother nature is Oprah.

movin’ on

skate board lesson

I came across a local night market, perhaps 20 or so tents and hammocks set up in the middle of town amongst the trees, lit by lanterns and dim warm lights. One gentleman was handcrafting rings, hammering away shaping with precision; another woman sat smiling in front of her precious stone creations.

Ring Creator

Every single person I greet or intercept eye contact with has a positive affect, this town is going to be good for my soul.

Almost forgot the security guards cappuccino… almost.

..was that with sugar? or no sugar?…. on the side please.

Job update, now that my accommodation is taken care of for a couple weeks there is one less worry, I need to get my license to work as a barmaid in NSW since my QLD one is not valid. A much more costly and intensive process here, Monday I attend an 8hour course to teach me how not to serve drunk people alcohol.



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