1400ft above the planet.

Some people place a tick on their “Life TO DO” list when they tandem SkyDive for the first time, I cannot honestly say it has ever been something I felt I wanted to do.

In my case it was more a matter of  “Hey I am jumping out of a plane tomorrow..I guess”. One of Cairns’s big tourist draws is tandem SkyDiving, a beautiful view of the ocean and tropical rainforest landscape.

My main circle of wonderful friends in Cairns QLD all work for SkyDive, I hear the work stories, admire their career paths all very different and successful in their own respects. They love their jobs and give people the trill of a lifetime everyday! Of course I have gotten “So Jen when you going to jump?” or “Hey Jen free video if you jump naked”, I always respond with “I don’t jump off or out of things” I have a HUGE fear of heights and get strong vertigo with anything over a few feet.

I had been wanting to hire a plane to take some areal photographs of Cairns and surrounding areas, the boys suggested a few options offering to come up with them on one of their drops as a possibility. The idea of course quickly turned into “well if you are up with us anyways… it would just be easier for you to jump out” Sound logic right?

One evening near my departure date from Cairns I was finally convinced I had to experience what they do and love so much… a little bit of guilt was used I must admit. They also made special arrangements for me to bring my camera on board the next day, for which I am very thankful.

I was quite calm arriving at the shop, familiar faces and smiles all around, even on the plane strapped to my dear friend Mikey with Jean sitting across from me I completely kept my nerve under control. However I couldn’t ignore the giggles and evil laughs coming from the backroom at the shop, I knew they were up to something, seeing Mikey walk up to me trying to hold his infectious laugh in “Let’s go! You sure you don’t have an older pair of shoes with you?” I knew he had a “plan”.


We were sitting next to the pilot with a great vantage point for photos, also placing us last to jump. Having my camera certainly kept my mind distracted as Mikey pointed out landmarks.

All I can say about my emotions once the door opened and people almost appeared to be getting SUCKED OUT of the plane, as we pushed closer to that door that should NEVER ever be open on a plane is that I was nervous and the deep breaths started… it was only once my legs were dangling out over clouds with bits of very VERY far away earth that the absolute intense FEAR took over my senses, I was convinced my body would have some socially unacceptable regurgitation of some kind or another.

.. not much time to dwell on that feeling, arms crossed head back and pushed out that door into the air I was. I do remember the initial 5-10sec being the most scary, once my mind and body realized what was happening I did “calm”… only slightly though. Mikey pulled a few spins in that free fall where I was genuinely concern I would throw up, thankfully he continued our straight ahead 200kph dive. The free fall only last for 60sec after which the parachute opens and it really is a peaceful amazing experience from that point on. We were lucky to have a couple clouds that day (I ate cloud!) He pointed out the odd phenomenon that happens where if you look down in the clouds at your shadow there is a full circle rainbow around it.. Wishing I could have photographed that, a very special memory.


As we continued at what felt like slow decent, keeping in mind the whole experience only last approximately 5min, he pointed out the major river systems in Cairns, farm land and the highest mountain peak in Queensland. Even letting me take the reins to guide our turns for awhile.

Touch down time! I saw it coming and immediately saw the hilarity the boys were laughing about back the shop, all the other tandem jumpers had landed on this HUGE green grassy part of the drop zone, in this drop zone there was one tiny wet muddy puddle, Mikey showing off his skills landed us right on target! Hilarious, he was so proud of himself the little bugger! J

Thank you Mikey and everyone that day, you guys really went above and beyond for me and I now have these wonderful photos and embarrassing video that still makes my stomach flip when I watch it.

I cant say I am eager to ever tandem jump again, nor I am saying I will never.

If you are in Queensland and a SkyDive is something you want to experience I definitely highly recommend using SkyDive Cairns not only because they are an amazing group of people, but they are tops in their field & are extremely professional. I have seen video footage and movie montages from other travelers and the crew at SkyDiveCairns puts theirs to shame.

Thank you, and I miss you all So SO SO SO very much XOXOX.

So here is the video. You know how much I love being filmed, as embarrassing as this is to share it really  shows a great memory in a way photos cannot.



PS: Toppy LOVE your music selection 😉 .. and thank you for the dry clothes!

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