Byron Bay… week one of …?

Let’s give this blog writing another chance shall we?

Over the past 6months much of my life here in Australia has been only communicated to family back home through random facebook tags and posts painting a portrait of good times, friends and drinks. Indeed that has been a part of my experience, it’s the sights I have seen, the people & relationships that have influenced my life, all the thoughts & emotions whirling through my head no one sees. I will try try to update this portion of my blog on a more regular basis, along with the other sections and my website.

After being in Cairns for 6months I now find myself in Byron Bay having just spent 1week in Sydney. I will not write about the difficulty I had leaving Cairns, the great friends I have there.. or the peace I found in my Far North Queensland paradise.. that is a novel in itself.

The Greyhound bus from Sydney to Byron was a 12hour voyage consisting of trying to get comfortable, ignoring boredom, attempting sleep and not letting my limbs go numb. Overall an experience I will not willingly try again. I truly wanted to drive up the coast, that thought filled me with excitement replacing my nerves of traveling on my own. For some reason driving alone windows down, wind in my face  music blasting is not a lonely thought to me, perhaps it’s the feeling of being in control of my situation that brings peace, which recently is a feeling that seems to escape me.

One moment of those long 12hours stands out as a shinning outline. It was as the sun was coming up, there was a heavy low fog (a sure sign I was back in my tropics climate, that in itself made me smile big, like I was coming home) the peaks of the area typical trees peaking above it.. the eerie cool ground with scattered livestock in the shadows below.. above that tree line was a glorious sunrise, filling the sky with the warm colours of a rainbow steaming away the haze… A moment I promised myself to find again and photograph.

Getting off the bus at 7am a small town just waking up greeted me. Byron Bay oozes calm beach town vibes, surfers, music, small shops, sand, and smiles filled with people that never want to leave, I understand why. Funny enough a very large contingent of Canadians settling in Byron. Check in at my hostel Aquarius wasn’t till 1pm, so a day on the beach it was. I decided to stay awake till a reasonable sleeping hour and spent the early evening socializing at the hostel bar. I was very quickly surrounded by new friends & drinks, a few locals and some of the bar staff kept me awake and smiling. I felt quite at home and accepted so much so that multiple times through out the evening backpackers assumed I was a local or had been around a long time.

I have found a nice place to get my morning coffee sit outside and read the paper, a spot with a view of early bird surfers hitting the beach. Today I went out in search of work, more or less checking out the town and seeing what was where. I stepped into a photography gallery and struck up a conversation.. It’s moments like these in life that let me know I will always find my way and there are signs to help me along…  long story short I was inspired and found a renued belief in myself. This evening back at the hostel having a quiet night just me and my photos, still no job BUT hey I am wrtting this aren’t I? So today has it’s own small accomplishment, tomorrow is serious employment “just get out there” attitude, perhaps follwed by another beautiful ocean sunset moment. This evening after editing most of the afternoon I headed to the beach to catch the end of day light.

…not sure how long is too long for a blog post hahah but there it is!  I am going to posts some stories from Cairns over time, for now I will comite myself to atleast one post a week, get on me if I am slacking!



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