Calypso Inn – Cairns, QLD

I find myself based in beautiful unflustered Cairns. A great central city in tropical northern Australia to take day tours visiting the numerous breath taking highlights Queensland state has to offer.                                                            

Cairns in itself is a major tourism umbrella, with a saturated backpacker  bustle in the streets, nightlife & temporary employment market.

There are an overwhelming number of tour operators & booking options around every corner. I count myself extremely fortunate to have found the amazing staff @ Calypso Inn! This being my first experience backpacking & not having a clear-cut itinerary I found myself full of nervous energy trying to balance, maximize time/budget and interests.

I found my angels.. The Calypso crew I quickly discovered are a team that go above & beyond consistently. I was overcome with warm delight and peace after a sit down with long time Calypso family member Buddha… helping me find the tour schedule that met my needs was only a piece of this mans helpfulness. I will dedicate a future blog post on Calypso shenanigans.. For now if you or anyone you know is visiting Cairns there really is no better place to call your home away from home! The number of people I have seen leave & travel back here simply to be at this hostel surrounded by friends and good times is a testament to this.

My next few post over the coming weeks will be about sharing the pieces of paradise & culture I have discovered so far on my journey.




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