Saving The Kimberley

Saving the Kimberly

“This IS a national issue. This is yours, mine and OUR business. Don’t let this be another case of us not knowing what we’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”

-John Butler

The Kimberley one of the world’s largest intact cultural & natural landscape/coast line located in north Western Australia. Home to the largest humpback whale population, hundreds of coral species along with regular new discoveries of plant and wildlife. Truly an ancient awe inspiring spiritual environment that is largely inhabited by Aboriginals furnishing knowledge and respect of their land.

In an age where global warming and nurturing our wounded planet is taking deserved stronger precedence, a major Australian oil & gas company pushes for development in this untouched pristine land which would significantly increase WA green house emissions and hugely disrupt the habitant. How can this be justified when renewable energy sources are at the governments figure tips? Why not pipe the gas down to existing facilities? Alternative options do exist!

If this proposed project receives approval an industrial site will be built in the very core of the hump back whale calving grounds along with the destruction of rare rainforest life to name only a couple disgraceful results.

There are always two sides and neither knows everything, we have the right to form opinions and fight to protect the things of value to the citizens of the world.

This is how you can help our Australian neighbors in need of support:



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