John Butler -Guerilla Busk in the Park-

Australian musician John Butler performs in a humbling gesture to fans evacuated from Ottawa Bluesfest after his performance was cancelled.


July 18th 2011 via Facebook & twitter, international musician John Butler announced he’d “do a short Guerilla Busk at Confederation Park at 7 pm tonight”

Butler’s performance was cancelled on closing night of Ottawa Bluesfest after a  storm referred to as a ‘microburst’ ripped through the festival grounds collapsing the main stage, ultimately forcing an evacuation and the cancellation of all scheduled evening acts.

John Butler showing compassion took it upon himself to make it up to his fans and the city of Ottawa saying, “I feel for the event planners and people that missed our show.”

A small group of approximately 20 fans slowly collected around the fountain at Confederation Park downtown Ottawa waiting for his arrival. Butler along with John Butler Trio bassist Byron Luiters casually strolled into the park and thanked everyone for coming out joked he really didn’t expect more than three people to show up. The audience grew as the set went on to around 100 spectators. Performing over top of street traffic and city noise pollution, his unplugged renditions of some of his better-known songs along with new songs was truly a treasured moment for all present. Under the evening light smiles, laughs, sing-alongs and small talk were shared in this intimate set. “A gesture of reaching out. Music is a community project. We bring music to the people,” said Butler. He bought much more.

His wife Danielle Caruana who performs in Mama Kin sang a few duets with John, notably the track Losing You. The song will soon be released as a special acoustic version featuring Mama Kin with all profits going to The Kimberly Foundation, a cause close to John’s heart, which both he and his wife actively contribute.  The group supports and encourages integrated scientific research into the rock art of the Kimberley region in Australia for the purpose of increasing knowledge of the earliest Australian people, their art and cultures and their relationship with a changing environment. The Western Australia native declared “this is my home land but our planet” encouraging people to educate themselves and help out this cause and other humanitarianism projects across the globe.

A peaceful Grand National message was shared in this humbling gesture given to Ottawa by John Butler. Thank you!


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