I have many inspirations & motivators in my life.. experience, observation and PEOPLE.


I try to show my gratitude as often as I can.. it never feels like there are enough thank yous to truly express the depth of my gratitude. Some of you may know how I got into band photography.. long story short – Peter Voith. A friend and truly giving, compassionate, understanding man.. now amazing husband & Daddy too :). Peter’s words and time given to me allowed me to find the courage to take a firststep a few years back.. a step that has taken me a long way. Advice I carry limitlessly into many aspects of my life.

His support has never waivered and for that I am grateful and feel so lucky to have met you in this life.

I am currently working on some new web material for my soon approaching next step in life & career.. Of course the first person who stepped up to offer help in any way they could.. Peter. I am honestly humbled that a person that I have not known a great number of years or share much of my day to day life with is so ready to give.

Peter I don’t know the right way to say thank you & truly show how much I appreciate your big heart. I write these words to share with everyone.. most already know.. how completly kick ass you are!!

Here are the beautiful thoughtful words he composed for my blog & website intended for my new audience in Australia:

“Jen File is compassionate, sensitive, and devoted to making a difference within her community in whatever ways she can.  She is a person who looks with patience for the best in individuals and within the social relationships she makes. The details that lie behind people and the communities they form is something she naturally understands yet is always curious about.  This same sharp clarity, passion, and wonder enables her photography to capture moments that describe not just an event, but complexities that express a much “bigger picture”… a skill that can only be found among the most talented and determined artists.

When a community feels the need to create awareness of an issue and needs the stories to be understood AND is lucky enough to connect with a photographer like Jen File that understands the awareness that photography can draw, the difference and possibilities for positive change can be limitless.”

-Peter Voith-

Thank you!





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