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Te Hiku-o-te-Ika – The tail of the fish.

 Te Hiku-o-te-Ika – The tail of the fish.  Maori for NorthLand.


DOC Campground in Uretiti

Car loaded. Canned foods and pasta stocks full.  Some last minute camping supplies and we were more than ready to leave the city to start exploring the northern country side.  (more…)

Landing in Auckland


NEW ZEALAND! Destination reached after 9hrs of trains, 22hrs of flying and 17hrs of layovers and no sleep. (more…)

Airlie Beach.

The day, the very last day in the place I called home, my far north Queensland, land of Rainforest Mountains, sunshine, coral reef with a barefoot mentality came to an end.


Pulling out of our driveway onto Sheridan Street for the last time.


Peace at Dusk

Mission Beach (more…)


The metropolis that is the international beacon for “You have arrived in Australia!”  (more…)

Julatten Jungle QLD

Entrance to the cabin.

About 30min inland from Port Douglas in the Northern part of the Atherton Tablelands I find myself tucked away in Julatten.


FNQ exploration

Another beautiful day in Cairns Queensland! What to do on a day off work??

Palm Cove

Palm Cove


Photos I see everyday in life.

Everyday of my life I see moments, snapshots, all around me. Yes I realize being a photographer I should always be carrying my camera, but the truth is I just don’t.

This couple walking towards me on the side walk tucked themselves out of sight.. this is where it lead me.


Hello my name is George.

Our little friend

This Chuck or George….


1400ft above the planet.

Some people place a tick on their “Life TO DO” list when they tandem SkyDive for the first time, I cannot honestly say it has ever been something I felt I wanted to do.